Say goodbye to video call pop-ups

Here’s how…

We all know the struggle of maintaining professionalism during video calls while secretly dreading the appearance of embarrassing pop-ups. Fortunately, Microsoft is addressing this issue. They’re reportedly developing a much-needed feature to save us from these cringe-worthy moments.

Imagine this: You’re in the middle of an important video call with a client, confidently presenting the latest updates on your project.

Suddenly, a notification from your significant other pops up on your screen, reminding you (not so subtly) about the mess your child made during their temper tantrum this morning. Or worse, a message from your gym highlighting your long absence.

Embarrassing, right?

Now picture being able to hide specific apps completely while you’re on a Teams call. No more worrying about intrusive notifications disrupting your flow. This means no awkward interruptions from messaging apps or private reminders.

How does it work? According to reports, Microsoft’s new feature won’t just minimize apps to the taskbar like the current workaround. Instead, it will completely hide them from view, protecting you from unexpected surprises (and blushes).

The best part? It’s not just about avoiding embarrassment. This feature could also enhance your device’s performance. By keeping those apps in the background, you free up valuable computing power and resources.

If you’ve ever found yourself frantically closing apps and browser windows to ensure a smooth video stream, this could be the solution. With the new feature, you can focus on what truly matters during your calls without worrying about technical glitches or embarrassing distractions.

While we’re eagerly awaiting the rollout of this new feature, we’ll have to wait for official updates. We’ll keep a close eye on the Microsoft 365 roadmap and keep you informed.

In the meantime, if you need help making your business’s video calls run more smoothly, feel free to get in touch.