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Are you ANOTHER school looking to save money on your ICT Services, Support and Licensing costs?

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Budget Cuts?

Are you being hit hard by the ever increasing budget cuts?  Struggling to find the savings you need?  Let us help...

Increasing Costs?

Make one saving and another cost increases?  Not sure where to start looking at your ICT costs?  Let us help...

Ageing Hardware?

Is your hardware getting past it's best?  Not sure how you can afford to replace it?  Let us help...

Team Work

At MSC IT Solutions we know how difficult it is for schools, colleges and academies to keep up to date with technology - improving your ICT whilst also sticking to what seems to be an ever reducing budget.

As a Business Manager, Finance Manager or Bursar we know it can seem like a fruitless task trying to keep on top of ICT spends and contracts.

As a Network Manager or ICT lead, you always want to introduce something new, the latest technology you believe will improve the service your staff and students deserve.

Worry no longer – At MSC IT Solutions we can help you with this, and make this 'painful' task a thing of the past.  We work closely with leadership, finance and network teams to find cost savings and solutions that work for YOU.  Simply pick a date and time to suit you from the booking form to schedule your FREE 30-minute call with Mark Cronin, an educational ICT expert with over 10 years experience helping people just like you.

Let's have a completely informal and no obligation chat about how you feel your ICT is performing, and how you would like to improve it for your staff and students moving forwards; but most importantly lets discuss how we can work together and explore all of the options available to you, allowing us to save you the time and money that will allow all of your plans to happen.

We will help you cut costs, improve service and grow using ICT...

Rocketing Renewals?

Are you being hit with rocketing licensing renewal prices year after year?  Do you know if you're receiving competitive pricing?

Snowballing Support?

Are your support costs rising year on year?  Are your current providers offering you best value for money?

Poor Performance?

Are you seeing poor performance from ageing ICT equipment?  Is it affecting teaching and learning?

Free Detailed Report

Within a week of your face to face meeting, we will provide you with a free detailed cost saving report. This report will include all of the information gathered, any cost savings we feel could be made, along with contact details of any carefully selected educational partner we have that may also benefit you.

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How it works...

By filling out the form below you are booking a completely FREE and NO OBLIGATION money saving review call.  During this call, Mark will briefly introduce you to MSC IT Solutions, and also get an understanding of your schools ICT solution, including where your main pain points lie, where you feel you are overpaying for any IT related services, support or licensing and areas of the solution you are looking to upgrade or change.

Following our initial discussion, you will be given the option to book a FREE and no obligation face to face meeting, where Mark will come to your school and explore in detail the costs savings we feel are available and any solutions we feel may be a better alternative that could incorporate costs savings to you.  He will bring with him a Non-Disclosure Agreement for both parties to sign; making sure that no financial information discussed is used away from its intended purpose - which of course is to save you money and improve your service.

The meeting will follow the same path as your initial call about your current ICT Solutions, your pain points, your current costs and most importantly how we could help you save money and improve the service you provide.

Following the meeting, we will provide you with a detailed report which will show you potential cost savings and improvements you could make to improve the ICT service within your school.

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