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ICT Support Contracts

Tailored ICT Support Contracts for Schools and Colleges

What technology worries keep you awake at night?

Maybe it's the thought of your school or college's ICT systems all going down at the same time?  Maybe it's the loss of valuable teaching time that would cause, and the subsequent impact on learning?  Maybe you're concerned your in-house ICT Manager is overworked?  That your backups cannot be relied upon in a disaster...? 

RELAX.  These are the kinds of things that the MSC IT Solutions support team handle every day.  We partner with schools and colleges just like yours to protect the Senior Leadership and ICT teams; helping everyone work to the best of their ability to aid your school or college's most important function - teaching and learning.

As a client of MSC we will listen to you, iron out any issues you have with your existing systems (and even those challenges you don't even know about) and then remove any ongoing stress by putting in place solutions such as monitoring and automated maintenance procedures, so that you can focus on other priority's in your day to day job.

Already got an in-house ICT team you trust?  Or even an existing 3rd party provider?  As well as our exceptional ICT Support Services, we also offer specialist ICT Consultancy, ICT Solutions (including project work), ICT Procurement and a plethora of other ICT services such as monthly auditing (providing detailed reporting and resolution plans when issues are detected) and monitoring specific to each individual client's needs.

Don't just take our word for it.  Check out what some of our educational clients have to say below...

"Providing innovative IT services and solutions, combined with exceptional support to schools and colleges throughout the UK"

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