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Paul Gough Media - Testimonial


Glowing references from some of our clients

"They have helped us streamline the business and the way we operate, we are now far more efficient and have saved time and ultimately money by embracing the changes they recommended."

Paul Gough - Managing Director

Paul Gough Media

We chose MSC IT Solutions as we had heard a lot of good things about them as a fellow local business.

The issue we had was the fact that we did not have centralized storage on our system, and this made things difficult for us a team as it is vital that we all share our information on a daily basis.

Prior to linking up with Mark and his team, things were saved in a variety of places on several different hard drives. If someone was on a day off, other team members struggled to access the information. We didn’t have individual usage of any given PC, it was a case of sharing what was in the office and logging on with a generic username/password as and when required – and this didn’t always work!

Something needed to be done to streamline the way we worked, as it was starting to have an impact on how we operated. We also discovered that a lot of the equipment we were using was becoming dated.

We are a hi-tech organisation which tries to stay ahead of rivals by embracing the very latest in technology – but we ended up growing faster than the equipment!

After discussing these problems with MSC IT Solutions, they carried out a free audit for us which enabled them to see exactly what we needed to upgrade and improve on.

The first piece of advice was to get a centralized management system, including a server, in place. This was done by networking all systems so we could all work to a set format.

The machines were then upgraded after the team carried out a cross benefit analysis to make sure we got the maximum capacity out of all of the equipment we used.

We then had a new storage system added to the network which meant all members of staff could not only save what they were doing in one place but also gain access to other team members’ files, anytime they want and from anywhere.

This was also set up off-site, which was particularly beneficial to me as my need for remote access is vital when I am traveling around the country and abroad in the line of my work.

I was thoroughly impressed with the service from MSC IT Solutions. They have helped us streamline the business and the way we operate, we are now far more efficient and have saved time and ultimately money by embracing the changes they recommended.

The work was carried out quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of disruption to the day-to-day running of our operation.

I would encourage any other business looking for a similar upgrade to contact Mark and his team.


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