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Support Services - Fair Usage Policy

Support Services - Fair Usage Policy

MSC Support Service

MSC support services are valued by many educational establishments and businesses across the UK. We offer a variety of services across a broad range of technologies and pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly and effectively.

We have introduced this Fair Use Policy to help us to continue to offer these high quality services at prices that are affordable.

Why have a Fair Use Policy?

This Fair Use Policy has two objectives:

  • To identify schools and business’ which appear to have difficulties with their ICT, and help them to make improvements.
  • To help MSC keep our support prices low for all customers.

How will it work?

We will use reports from our system to monitor usage based on each type of contract we sell. If we see examples of consistently high usage, we may choose to apply this Fair Usage Policy.

What does it mean for me?

MSC support many schools and business’, so we know how much technical support is typically required. This policy will not impact the vast majority of customers. However, if a school or business demands exceptionally high support for an unusually long period, then we will contact you to discuss this.

We will work in conjunction with the school or business to identify the root causes and:

  • Help to identify what we can do to improve your ICT service.
  • Help reduce demands upon the school’s or business’ ICT team.

What if my network is down?

This policy does not implement hard limits on the services we offer, so you will never find yourself without support when you need it most.

If I need additional help during a major change, will I be classed as a high user?

If your call usage is high over a short duration, then we’re unlikely to be concerned; in fact, this is when you’re likely to value our services the most. Our Fair Use Policy is purely to manage persistent high usage.

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