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English Martyrs School - Testimonial

Support Contract Case Study

English Martyrs School - Hartlepool

Stephen Hammond - Head Teacher
At the time we linked up with Mark and his team, it was a period of real confusion for us. We were part way through the Building Schools for the Future project, and the whole IT infrastructure needed to be upgraded.

The company who we were using initially wasn't very co-operative, and there were a lot of issues that we were not making progress with.

When MCS IT Solutions came in, everything was mapped out for us. Mark quickly identified what we needed as an organisation, and he listened to the plans we had for the whole of our IT structure.

I would describe myself as a bit of an IT luddite, I know what I want from It but sometimes I don’t have a clue to go about getting it.   Mark took that problem away. He got away from the ‘geeky’ terminology that people like me don’t understand and described everything he was doing in layman’s terms.  He provided us with a strategic direction without over complicating things.

To meet someone like that is worth its weight in gold. He identified what we needed, and delivered it. It was also important for me personally that Mark and his team understood how we operated.

Safeguarding measures need to be in place in class, staff may need to access systems from home, the importance of back-up on files can’t be underestimated, all those sorts of things are vital for us throughout the IT system.

We have had systems in place which haven’t been utilised in the past, we’ve embraced change and with the support from MSC IT Solutions - it’s as if we have moved into the 21st century. He has a real handle on what we need, which is passed onto his team - and all the work is done with the curriculum in mind.

You can’t afford to have downtime in a school, so all the work is done out of hours or during holiday periods. The support is always on hand if we need anything looked at then Mark or his team are quick to act. I cannot speak highly enough of the business and would encourage anyone looking for support of this kind to get in touch with MSC IT Solutions.

I don’t have a bad word to say about them - other than the fact that Mark is a Manchester United supporter!


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